Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution/ Shared Neutrals Program

The FEB Interagency “Shared Neutrals”, Program provides mediation service as an alternative to resolve workplace disputes in federal agencies.

The combined resources of the Dallas-Fort Worth federal community are shared to provide Interagency Mediators for this program.;

The FEB Cadre includes seventy-nine mediators from thirty-six federal agencies with oversight and management from the FEB Interagency ADR Committee.;

This multi-agency membership ensures that mediators may be assigned to agencies other than their own to emphasize the mediator’s neutrality.

The goal of the program is to resolve workplace disputes as early as possible.; Early resolution will result in improved communication within the workforce; a productive work environment and reduced cost and time involved with formal dispute processes.

Mediation is the most popular form of ADR currently being used in the Federal sector and is considered an effective means to resolve disagreements and avoid litigation.; It is an informal, confidential process that uses trained neutrals to help people resolve disputes in a way that is acceptable to both sides.


Mediation is:

  • VOLUNTARY – Only the parties involved can decide they want to participate in mediation.
  • CONFIDENTIAL – All parties sign an agreement of confidentiality at the beginning of the process.
  • FAIR AND IMPARTIAL – Only the parties can decide the terms of any settlement agreement, NOT the mediator. Each party has an equal say in the mediation.
  • A WAY TO SAVE TIME MONEY – Most mediations are completed in one meeting


Federal offices may request mediator services by completing an Intake Form and submitting it to the FEB Office.

Forms should be submitted electronically to

Your agency liaison or ADR Coordinator will receive communication within one business day of the Case number and status. Communications will continue until mediation is complete.

Our Cadre of neutrals are well-trained and highly skilled to provide reliable mediation service.


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