Emergency Preparedness


The FEBs primary role during emergencies is to provide sound and timely information to the federal community regarding federal operations, weather conditions and safety highlights. This service is provided on a 24-7 basis.

The DFW Federal Executive Board provides an opportunity for Federal, State & Local emergency  management professionals in North Central Texas to network, discuss issues and presentations on matters important to the group. The FEB coordinates activities that enhance lasting partnerships and proactive interagency/intergovernmental Emergency Preparedness initiatives through advocacy, communication, and collaboration. The DFW FEB develops and/or maintains active relationships with Federal, state and local emergency managers, public safety and law enforcement officials to enhance preparedness education, exchange ideas and develop coordinated approaches to regional issues. 


  • Held an Emergency Preparedness and Employee Safety & Security meeting. These meetings help our Federal Continuity Managers revise and update agency COOP plans, and share best practices for Emergency Preparedness.
  • Maintained partnership with The National Weather Service to provide real-time notification to the FEB Executive Director, and FEB Executive Policy Committee, in the event of inclement weather affecting the DFW Federal Community.
  • The DFW FEB sponsored an all agency CPR Training in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor aimed at renewing COOP officers CPR certification. Fifteen agencies participated in the 8-hour training.
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