An Opportunity to Help Others and Yourself

​Mentoring is a power-free, two-way mutually beneficial learning situation where the mentor provides advice,shares knowledge and experiences and teaches using a low pressure self-discovery approach.

              The Dallas-Fort Worth Federal Executive Board


                      The Inter-Agency Mentoring Program

Created to leverage the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees who’s agencies participate in the DFWFEB, the Inter-Agency Mentoring Program’s goal is to develop stronger employees within the federal government.

                                               We are currently seeking Mentors and Mentees to participate in this first cycle of the program.



Strong interpersonal skills
Knowledge of their agency and programs
Exhibits strong leadership skills
Technical competence
Willingness to help others with career growth
Good communication skills
Strong professional network and resources
Good listener
Sense of personal power


Commitment to self-improvement and the program.
Desire for learning and growth
Proactive about personal and professional development
Open to feedback and constructive guidance
Be self-reflective


For individuals, the DFWFEB Interagency Mentoring Program is designed to foster collaboration, expand the breadth of knowledge about the Federal government, be a safe place for the interchange of ideas, build confidence of all participants, increase knowledge, encourage growth, lead to employee retention, and provide a fresh perspective that is not tied to an established agency’s mindset.

For employers, the benefits of having mentors and mentees are: improved employee interaction contributing to higher job performance, the development of partnerships and allies, enhances a positive environment and provides a clear understanding of expectations for mentees, increases the retention by increasing comfort levels of employees, and a higher level of employee commitment and loyalty.

                                   Forms To Apply for Mentor 

 Proposed Roll-Out Dates

  • Week of February 12, 2018 – Rollout via email to DFW FEB Senior Executive Staff and Leadership. Includes Flyers. Promotional sessions on site. 
  • March 19 – Application Period Opens for Mentors and Mentees
  • April 6 – Application Period Closes
  • March 19 through April 20 – Applications Reviewed and Matches Made
  • Week of April 23 to 27 – Memos sent Introducing Mentor to Mentee with an Invitation to the Kick Off Event
  • Sep 2018 through March 2019: Quarterly Check-Ins
  • May 2019 – Graduation and Thank You Event

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